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Titans vs. Chargers: Predictions from the Contributors

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No Show Ramsey came up with a great idea today- Each week the contributors here will give a prediction of what they think will happen in the game and a score. Those predictions are listed after the jump. We welcome your thoughts.

Aditya T (smashville)

"Vince Young looks ready to return at starting quarterback for the Titans, which bodes well for the team, despite their continued dominance in his absence. Vince Young and the Titans' nemesis is the 3-4 defense though, which the Chargers run, as well as both teams that have already beaten Tennessee: the Steelers and Broncos. Despite the fact that the Bolts are 2-5 and at the bottom of their division, they are a very talented team with lots of skill,on both sides of the ball.
The Chargers problem this season has been mistakes, specifically turnovers, in which they lead the league in, and the Titans forte seems to be forcing mistakes, leading the league in takeaways. Considering this, I will take the Titans in a 35-27 victory." Titans 35-27


"My first prediction is that SuperHorn loses his mind over smash referring to VY not being able to play against a 3-4 defense.
For my game prediction, I foresee old demons coming back to haunt for Halloween, as the Chargers are in possession of Jeff Fisher's title and registration and the Titans seem to not only lose to the Chargers time and again, but manage to look ugly doing it. I think Philip Rivers is going to be running for his life from our boy JJ, and MCM Karma will come through with ATV pulling in another pick, but the other 48 passes will spell doom for our favorite team." Chargers 30-24


"Vince Young's nemesis is the 3-4? Really, Smash? That's lazy reporting! The Arizona game comes to mind. That's a different discussion, though.
I can't tell if it's this team, or the Lionel Richie song that's blaring right now (All Night Long, in case you're wondering), but I'm cautiously optimistic about this one. Still, it could go any number of ways. What makes the matchup interesting is that the Chargers offense and the Titans defense are polar opposites of each other. We love to give up yards in bunches and create opportune turnovers in the redzone. Conversely, San Diego has effectively moved the ball all year, yet continues to turn the ball over as it gets into scoring territory.
Turnovers create a lot of variance, and this is the extreme of those examples. Statistically, San Diego is #1 in both total offense and total defense, while we are in the middle of the pack in both categories. I don't like getting caught up in gross statistical totals, but it does tell us something. Bottom line, if we can continue to be opportunistic with turnovers, I think we win this game. If we aren't, this one could get ugly. For now, I'm going with the former." Titans 21-17


"The Titans have some major demons to exorcise on Sunday. No team has repeatedly undressed the Titans like the Chargers have, and I can't really see any reason why it won't happen again on Sunday. The Chargers are not your average 2-5 team by any means, and I certainly don't expect them to play like one. The Titans certainly CAN win, simply by following the blueprint they have already laid out this season: Sacks, turnovers and special teams. For me, my prediction comes down to three big problems: The Chargers own us, their backs are against the wall, and the game is on the west coast. I just haven't had a big enough glass of kool aid yet to ignore those 3 facts and predict a win. Chargers 27-17


"We stink on the west coast, and we're even worse against the Chargers. San Diego is too good to keep screwing up. I think we lose a close one and the offense struggles. I would be happier than Phillip Rivers in a douchecanoe with no paddle if I'm wrong about this one." Chargers 21-20


"I know San Diego has been a nightmare for the Titans, but this isn't the same Charger team they faced all of those times. They are missing their top three receivers (if you count Vincent Jackson) and Antonio Gates is banged up. LaDainian Tomlinson, who just abused the Titans, is no longer on the roster. Sure Philip River is still there and playing really well, but he doesn't have the weapons around him that he has in the past. They have been really good on offense so far, but they also haven't faced a pass rush like the Titans."

If the offense can take care of the ball this could be a pretty easy win. Titans 27-17