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Week 7 - The Comeback

The way we got to set the Tone
The way we got to set the Tone

Dear MCM/Titan fans,

Apologize for being a day late in writing my blog. I finally got my bedroom furniture and was up all night yesterday putting it together so I can say my place is finally complete for the most part.

Anyways, what an incredible win we had this past weekend. I don’t think I really ever been a part of such a 4th quarter turnaround like that before. It was almost too good to be true that we rallied together and came away with the victory. I have much respect for the Eagles and they are a very good team. I am a big Michael Vick fan and I think he is an exceptional player and I personally hope he continues to play for the Eagles. He is fun to watch. I wish DeSean Jackson was able to play, as we have met twice in college and it would have been fun to go against him again. So hopefully we can line up against each other another day. We were fortunate for the win and it was a huge us. Hopefully we can continue this momentum into this weekend’s game.

The most notable performer in the game was Kenny Britt of course. This guy really just decided to take the team on his shoulders and deliver for us. I mean there aren’t really words to describe how big of a game he had. That is his potential every week. He can be a very great player and I am glad it is starting to awaken within him. I thought Kerry Collins did fairly well in the game. I was definitely confident in what he could do. He put the ball in positions for our receivers to make plays. The defense played pretty decent again. We continued our mojo for not allowing people tds in the redzone. Jason Jones had a huge fumble force in a crucial moment of the game in one of those situations. Griff played well once again getting yet another interception. I have to give a big shout out to Cortland Finnegan for his first int on the season and taking it to the house in style. I got caught watching him run instead of blocking. Of course everyone else played decently.

I felt I had a pretty good day. I didn’t get that much action I would say. I didn’t have to make too many tackles, but I did feel pretty good when I knocked Brent Celek out the game for a while. Means I can hit a little bit for a 187 pounder. I was a little mad at really only one play and that was the dropped INT I could have had. It was a for sure pick 6. Just slipped out my hands. So hopefully I will get a few more chances to get one. But it would have been sweet to get it at LP field. But overall it was a decent day, which I need to get better from against this prolific offense in San Diego.

This week is a big week for us as a team since it is the game before our bye week, but for me it is even bigger for I am heading back to California. This is the closest I will be to home and I have many friends and family going to the game. From High School teachers and counselors, to old classmates. So it will be exciting to perform for them back at home. But most importantly I will see my family and girlfriend. Haven’t sent hem in like forever it feels like. So I am blessed for this chance to do this. San Diego is going to be a great opponent which 2-5 record doesn’t justify the level this team plays at. Just a few miscues here and there and this team could easily be 6-1. So we got our work cut out for us. It should be a very great contest. I am excited for Jason McCourty, J-Mac, to be back with us. I know he is dying to play again and I am excited to see what he does in his first game back.

Personally, not much went on last week. It was a short week of preparation so I had to dig in to that mostly with not too much time for myself. Went to the Snoop Concert at Vanderbilt with the DB group for a bonding experience. It was pretty good and we ran into Kellie Pickler, @kelliepickler, at dinner. She joined us at the concert and we had a good time with her and her "grandpa". Also met Snoop himself and he is a big fan of Cortland ironically. Said he needs his jersey to rep for him. Unfortunately, Still haven’t got to the movies yet which I believe will come Friday or next week. Another thing I have been craving is bowling. So if any suggestions on some bowling alleys let me know.

So I hope everyone has a great week. Halloween will be coming up, so I wish everyone a safe Halloween. Hopefully those with kids will give them a time of their life. Hopefully we have a great day that day as well! May God Bless everyone.


Alterraun Verner #20

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