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Philadelphia Eagles @ Tennessee Titans : 5 Keys Recap

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  1. Run the ball. Chris Johnson and the Titans didn't fulfill this one, but it really wasn't necessary. Kenny Britt, baby!
  2. Pressure Kolb.The Titans only managed to get one sack on Kolb, and as the Eagles have allowed the second most sacks in the league, the Titans probably needed to put more pressure on Philly's offensive line. The Titans are still tied for the most sacks in the league with the Chargers though, and face an offensive line that has allowed 20 sacks next week.
  3. Lock down Maclin. Maclin was held to just five receptions for 42 yards, and was just the fourth leading receiver on the team. I felt Cortland Finnegan was finally becoming himself again in this game, and had a good day on Maclin. That interception at the end of the game may just be what Finny needs to recover from a bad last few weeks.
  4. Force Turnovers. Four turnovers for the Eagles, compared to three for the Titans. The day didn't start too well as Kerry Collins threw a pick early, but the Titans managed to get a turnover from three of the four starters in the secondary. Next week the Chargers come into town with major turnover problems.
  5. Strong line play. The offensive line did a good job for the most part protecting Kerry Collins, who was only sacked once sacked three times. This offensive line has visibly improved over the last few weeks, and they did a good job protecting Kerry Collins, despite being much less mobile than VY. He had a lot of time all day to make his underthrown passes to Kenny Britt.