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Kenny Britt Could Face More Punishment, Thankfully

Kenny Britt followed up an embarrassing Friday morning with a spectacular Sunday afternoon that Titans fans, and Ellis Hobbs, won't forget for a long time. In roughly 37 minutes of game time Britt made himself the hero of Nashville in a game where watching the offense was, well... about like this. It was a brilliant performance that bailed out a hobbled back-up QB and a running game that was stuck in neutral. Still, it doesn't erase what happened in Karma on Friday morning.

There's still talk around Baptist Sports Park that Britt could face more punishment for the skirmish. If the story we've heard from the early police reports stand-up, then he should be punished appropriately. What happened on the field Sunday can't make him immune from the consequences of his bad decision. You have to forget what lazy media members keep repeating and keep in mind what Fisher said after the game:

Ahh yeah see what I did there? Now you have to jump!

the reason that I elected not to start (Britt) is that he missed Friday’s practice as a result of the incident.

So, to date, Britt hasn't been punished for getting in the headlines. I've been on record since the minute this story started to surface that I don't care that he was out late (Brad Hopkins confirmed on the radio with Thom Abraham Friday that Thursday night/Friday morning is a regular time for players to go out and cut loose during the week of a home game... it wasn't tough to notice that the outrage over what time of night it was died down as soon as people find out CJ was there). I understand that fights happen, but he's got to learn to get out of those situations because they make both Britt and the franchise look bad.

Kenny Britt is not Pacman. He's not Roethlisberger. He's a smart, young guy who by all accounts will respond well to discipline. This is a first-time offense for Britt; comparing traffic/moving violations to this kind of thing is stupid and disingenuous. I'm not sure how long Fisher should decide to sit him, but I wouldn't be surprised to see Fisher come up with a little something more to make it clear that this can't happen again. Maybe it's something small like another first quarter if the situation doesn't get worse as the team and NFL security investigate. It's definitely not worth a full game in my opinion.

I hope Jeff Fisher does do something though. We can chalk this one up to preventative medicine. The last thing we need is a young, ultra-talented wide receiver getting the idea that he can do whatever the hell he wants off the field as long as he has a big game on Sunday. Jeff Fisher has a teachable moment here; lets hope he takes advantage of it.