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Titans 37 Eagles 19 Full Recap

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Kenny Britt had the most prolific day in the history of Titan wide receivers in leading the Tennessee Titans to a 37-19 victory over the Philadelphia Eagles.  Britt, who was benched for the start of the game due to an altercation at a Nashville nightclub two nights ago, provided an instant spark to the Titan offense when he entered the game.    The former first round pick had 7 receptions for 225 yards and 3 touchdowns. 

The Eagles initially appeared to be in control of the game.  The Titans’ offense was largely ineffective as the Eagles placed 8 defenders in the box as a strategy to contain Chris Johnson.  The strategy worked in containing Johnson and also in initially shutting down the Titans’ passing game.  Kerry Collins started in place of the injured Vince Young and looked hesitant in many of his early throws.   The pressure from the Eagles’ pass rush forced Collins to throw many of his passes off of his back foot.  Collins initially succumbed to the pressure and turned the ball over three times.

The Eagles had a chance to put the game away in the 3rd quarter when they were leading 16-7 and had the ball on the Titans’ 3 yard line.  A missed blocking assignment allowed Titan defensive tackle Jason Jones to slip through the line untouched. The disruption caused a fumble in the exchange between Kevin Kolb and LeSean McCoy, and Alterraun Verner recovered to give the Titans new life.  

From there, the Kenny Britt show became even more sensational.  Britt toyed with the Eagles’ secondary on his 2 second half touchdowns, especially cornerback Ellis Hobbs and safety Nate Allen.  Britt’s 80 yard touchdown reception in the 4th quarter highlighted his physical talents, as he adjusted to catch the slightly under thrown ball, then outrace Hobbs to the endzone.  What remains to be seen is whether or not Britt can prevent his personal life from becoming a distraction to his coaches and teammates.  Coach Jeff Fisher commented on his decision to put Britt in the game after the 1st quarter:

"I just made the decision based on one, I haven’t had enough time to gather all the information and two, the reason that I elected not to start (Britt) is that he missed Friday’s practice as a result of the incident. And, I just wanted to make sure he was in the swing and flow of the game. And I am also still in the process of gathering information and when I get information, I will come to a conclusion and if that merits disciplinary action then I’ll take it.  His performance has absolutely nothing to do with what happened last week, O.K. Absolutely nothing. It was a great performance. I mean an outstanding performance. It is two separate issues right now.

Personal issues aside, one thing is clear in Nashville – Kenny Britt can produce on the football field.