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Philadelphia Eagles @ Tennessee Titans : 5 Keys to Victory

  1. Run the ball. The quarterback options for the Titans this week include a hurt Vince Young, who would be slightly immobile, and Kerry Collins, who is not as involved in the offense as VY. The Titans probably need to go back to a steady dose of running the football against the Eagles, who have the ninth worse running defense in the league. 
  2. Pressure Kolb. Pressure Kevin Kolb, but not enough to bring him out of the game. The Titans defensive line has already knocked multiple quarterbacks out of the game.  Kolb is clearly the less dangerous quarterback between himself and Michael Vick, and absolutely the less mobile. The Titans should also try to take advantage of backup left tackle King Dunlap for an easier path to Kolb.
  3. Lock down Maclin. With deep threat DeSean Jackson out of the game, Jeremy Maclin is the best option for Kolb to throw deep to. Cortland Finnegan, who has been struggling in the last few games, will likely be on Maclin, with Alterraun Verner on the opposite side.
  4. Force Turnovers. Since the turnover disaster against the Steelers, the Titans have fought their way back to gain a respectable give/take ratio. It will be tough though, as Philadelphia has the third least turnovers in the league, with five.  Turnovers are an efficient ways to keep the Eagles prolific offense of the field and get the Titans offense on.
  5. Strong line play. The offensive line has shown improvement in recent weeks. Without a mobile quarterback, it will be important to protect the pocket for either quarterback. If Collins plays, he needs to open up his options. On Monday, Collins seemed very comfortable with Bo Scaife and rookie Damian Williams, but only threw to Kenny Britt, who was already having a good game, twice for no completions.