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Report: Titans WR Kenny Britt Involved in "Huge" Fight at a Club Overnight

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Joe Dubin just posted on Twitter that Kenny Britt was involved in a fight at a Nashville club overnight:

Are u kidding me?? Arrggh? Reports say wr kenny britt, involved in huge fight at a club this morning, dtown nash.. Great.

Dubin is the sports guy at WKRN, which is the Nashville affiliate for ABC.  I can't find this anywhere else, but he has answered a couple of questions on Twitter about it making it seem like it is probably legit.

It is now on WSMV's website.

We will keep this thread updated as more information becomes available.

[UPDATE]- WSMV is now reporting no charges were field, so that is a very good thing.

[UPDATE 2]- More from WSMV with details from Metro Police here. Metro police say it sounds like one of Britt's boys got in a scuffle and Britt jumped in. No injuries and nobody pressed charges. Britt had already left the club by the time police arrived. All in all, it's sounding like a 4 out of 10 on the MCM Panic Scale unless you want to get on your high-horse about being out at a club that late. Britt shouldn't have joined it, but no charges being files on the scene is a good sign so far.

[UPDATE 3]- Dubin just reported on 104.5 The Zone's 3 Hour Lunch that Kenny Britt is not at practice today.

[UPDATE 4] - The Tennessean is all over this one now:

• The victim may still press charges against Britt and his crew. He's lawyering up.

• CJ was at the club as well, but was trying to play peacemaker... because CJ is cool as hell, son.

• Britt's absence from practice today was excused, according to Fisher, who had this (and more)  to say:

"I'm still of course gathering facts," Fisher said. "My understanding at this point is that he was at the wrong place at the wrong time, there was an altercation, but he was one of those that was trying to break it up. That’s my understanding right now, and I’m still gathering facts."