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Vince Young's Post Thursday Practice Interview

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Vince Young talked to the local media after practice on Thursday about how his knee and ankle are feeling and if he thinks he will play Sunday. Here is what he had to say:

How do you feel?

Feeling pretty good.  Feeling pretty good.

Strengthening?  Getting more comfortable moving on it?

Yeah.  It's getting better every day, every day.  A lot of rehab and a lot of different things like that.

Will you play Sunday?

I don't know yet.  I don't know.

How would you feel about playing without any practice.  Are you comfortable enough with the game plan to be able to do that?

Yeah.  I'm doing a lot of different things mentally.  Paying attention and asking a lot of questions.  Making sure I am on the same page as everybody else.

What's bothering you the most, the knee or the ankle?

It's both of them pretty much the same.  So, like I said, it's day to day.  Both of them are getting a lot of treatment and feeling pretty much the same, better and better every day.

How much progress have you seen since Monday night?

A lot, a lot.  You know, from the MRI and everything else, I feel like overall, from the treatments and things like that, from what I thought it was going to be to what it looks like now, I feel pretty good about it.

Does part of you think you might be better off if you let it heal and come back at 100%?

Like I said, it's just basically day to day and making that decision on Sunday.  Right now just continue to keep treating it and do some things to see how it feels.

Who makes the call?

It's my call, and then as I explain to Coach Fish how I feel, he and the training staff will make the decision and go from there.

How disappointed would you be if you weren't able to play Sunday?

I'm used to it being injured before.  Not being out there for my teammates, that's probably the only thing I would feel it from, but overall knowing the confidence in the guys we have out there playing- from Kerry to the rest of the guys, I know they will go out there and try to get the job done.

How much easier is it to not get overly frustrated about this knowing it could have been so much worse?

Yeah, I thank God it wasn't as bad as it looked, to be able to walk away from it with nothing torn that is a really good thing.  All respect to God on that.

You seem down a little bit down in your spirits.  How are you feeling?

No, I'm not down at all (laughs).

You seem kind of mellow.

I'm just relaxing and hanging out at work- focused and paying attention.  It's just one of those days, paying attention and making sure my eyes are going the same places Kerry's are going and things like that, so just focused.  That's all.

Do you think you will practice tomorrow?

We'll see in the morning.  Get more treatment today and more treatment tomorrow.  We'll go from there and make that decision.

Is the main thing for you the mobility?

It's not so much the mobility.  I've been delivering the ball in the pocket pretty well, but knowing the aggressiveness that Eagles have, you know there are going to be some times you have to take the ball and make some moves down the field in order to keep the chains moving.

How important is practice to you?

Practice is the key.  Preparation is the key.  That's why you see me paying attention and still being focused with the preparation and asking questions- walking around in Coach Heimerdinger ears asking questions, but the physical part is definitely needed.

What kind of stuff are you doing in rehabbing.  You're not running?

No.  Just rehabbing.  No running or anything like that.

Then there was a stupid question from someone about if it was ironic that Michael Vick was in the same situation.

You can see the full video at Titans Online.

*Note* This is my version of what I heard from watching the available video, in case you are from the official site and wondering.