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Denver Broncos @ Tennessee Titans : 5 Keys to Victory

1. Win the turnover battle. The Titans are undefeated this season when we win the turnover battle. See how much easier it was last week? Denver has done a pretty good job, in giving the ball up only four times in three games, but the Titans defense has also done a good job, with six takeaways in four games, many of them coming at important moments. Alterraun Verner has shown that he is great at finding the ball, so this would be a great time for his first NFL interception.

2. Steady balance of CJ/pass. This has been the topic of the week here at MCM. A 4/3 run to pass ratio is the second most run-heavy in the league, only second to the Steelers' quarterback-less offense. Through we are playing one of the top secondaries in the league this week, it is important not to wear down Chris Johnson early, as we did last week. Jeff Fisher mentioned that Javon Ringer may get some early snaps. He was visibly tired last week, and that should not be happening.

3. Pressure on Orton. The Broncos are the best in the league so far this year in the passing game, and the Titans have their starting cornerback, Jason McCourty out of the game, so it is a good idea to get to quarterback Kyle Orton even before he has a chance to throw the ball. The Titans have been very good getting to the quarterback this year.The Broncos have absolutely no running game, especially with running back Knowshon Moreno out, so the passing game is really their only option. 

4. Slow down the wideouts. The Broncos use a lot of 3 wide receiver formations. They have had four different receivers this year go over 95 yards in a game. Eddie Royal is the primary threat, and I expect Cortland Finnegan to be on him the full game. It is important to prevent the deep ball. It would only make sense that Orton is probably prepared on picking on the rookie, Alterraun Verner. Giving him some safety help would be a good idea as he gets settled in.

5.  Good field position. It is always easier when you start with better field position, and Marc Mariani has been doing a great job. Against this good secondary, it's a good idea to have good field position to start drives so that we do not have to depend on large yardage plays.