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Week 6 - Monday Night "Primetime" Football

Dear MCM/Titans fans,

 I would like to start off by saying that I hope all the people that got a concussion or head injury are alright. I would like to throw Vince Young in there with his injury. I hope everyone recovers healthy and have no permanent damage to them. This is a violent game, but you still wish for no one to get hurt. My prayers go out to all.

What an amazing game we played yesterday. It was a big game for us and we came out and demonstrated our potential on Monday Night Football. It was such an exciting experience. I have always wanted to play on Monday Night Football and being given the opportunity would be one to never forget. From the outskirts before the game you saw the booth at the left of our bench with Steve Young and company, then you had the camera flying over ahead to get the extra angles, then the most exciting part was right before kick-off they played the Monday Night "Are You Ready For Some Football" song! I was so amped from that point on.

I thought we played an extremely well rounded game and rallied behind Kerry Collins who filled in nicely while Vince had is unfortunate injury. Chris Johnson definitely played like himself. Kenny Britt continues to impress and Damian Williams is coming into his own. Making numerous big 3rd down completions. Defensively, I felt was one of our best outings of the year. We stopped the run, and held the pass in check. We got the big turnovers with Michael Griffin, Vincent Fuller, and Stephen Tulloch making it happen. Michael Griffin continues to be an All-Pro. Congrats to Vinnie for his first INT of the year. Nobody can forget the D-line and there monstrous play so far. They have been making my job so much easier. Then our special teams were superb. Coverage teams did great, Brett kicked good, and Rob was 100% yet again. We are very hard to beat when we are playing this type of football. So if we continue to improve, we will continue to be a force.

 I felt my performance was one of my best this year. I think I had less mental mistakes, and less negative plays, which shows improvement already. It always helps to get an INT, which helped the team gain that momentum needed in the second half. I almost scored, but be patient, I will hopefully get one sooner than later. It was just amazing playing under the lights and knowing mostly everyone back home can see me play. So the atmosphere was great for this game and that gets me even more juiced for the game. So we need to get on some more Monday Night games. But yes I need to learn that I am not the biggest fellow and just make a clean tackle as Mo Drew still reminded me why he is a beast still, which I can laugh at now. 

Speaking of Mo Drew, it was a pleasure to play against my former Bruin alum. I watched him growing up and always wanted to play with him, but never got the chance. So actually playing on the same field as him was pretty exciting and we acknowledged each other during the game.

 Personally, there was not much going on with me. I saw the movie "The Town" finally and it was a pretty good movie. I am looking to see "Red" sometime this week. I also got to see my roommate during combine training Chris McGaha from ASU and his family before the game since he is with the Jaguars. Also played against fellow API combine classmate Tyson Alualu, who also has the same agent as me Kenny Zuckerman (Priority Sports).

Lastly, Tune in to Thursday Night to see my UCLA Bruins battle #2 Oregon Ducks. We pulled off two upsets already and it is not too much to ask for a third with our team led by Akeem Ayers and "Jetski" Franklin. Should be a good one. Most importantly tune in Sunday when we play the Eagles for another strong test for our defense against another high-powered offense. We will prepare hard, but it is exciting for this new challenge. Hope every one has a blessed week and God Bless!




Alterraun Verner #20

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