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NFL Power Rankings Week 7

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After the jump is a roundup of where the Titans are ranked in various power rankings around the internet for Week 7. It will be updated as more rankings are posted.

This Week Last Week Commentary
Yahoo! Sports
ESPN 8 12 Titans' workmanlike effort nets a victory in Jacksonville in first division game. (Kuharsky) 7
Chris Johnson will get it going; Kenny Britt growing each game.

Sporting News 7 9
They need Chris Johnson to remain an open-field difference-maker against Philadelphia and San Diego the next two weeks.
USA Today
CBS Sports 13 15 Winning on the road in the division on a Monday night is never easy. It's nice having Kerry Collins as a backup with Vince Young hurt.
SB Nation 8 11 Big victory on MNF against the Jaguars. They throttled Jacksonville 30-3 on national TV. Vince Young appears to be OK.
Fox Sports 11 10 Very quietly, the Titans are playing good football. They aren't dominant, but their opponents will have to play a great game to beat them. And they are yet another solid team that strangely has a poor home record.
ProFootballWeekly 14 13 Eagles will be last home game until Nov. 21. -- -- 7 8
An impressive win over Jacksonville Monday -- much of it accomplished with starting quarterback Vince Young on the sideline -- keeps Tennessee in the mix in the AFC South. They have a key interconference game Sunday against Philadelphia, and they don't play another division game until Thanksgiving weekend, so this race will probably be tight for a while.
ProFootballTalk 8 9 At a time when few teams have two competent quarterbacks, the Titans are lucky to be in the minority.
What if Sports 6
MMQB 8 8 Ten days ago, I talked to Jeff Fisher with some concern about Chris Johnson's 3.8-yards-per-carry average. If I could quote a man giving me a dismissive sound over the phone, I would. It took all of one game for Johnson to be back at a respectable number -- 4.3 yards per rush -- and I expect it will keep climbing, starting tonight in Jacksonville.