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Titans vs. Jaguars Monday Night Football Pregame Open Thread

If you are like me, you have just been sitting around all day today looking at the clock waiting for this game to start.  I love Monday Night Football games!  Use this thread to discuss anything pregame related that you would like.  You can also use this as your fantasy football scenario thread because we will actually be talking about the game in tonight's thread.

Some stats to get you pumped:

  • The Jaguars have allowed at least 200 yards passing in each of their last 13 home games, tying an NFL record. 
  • Nate Washington has a touchdown catch in each of his last four regular-season games against Jacksonville: 
  • The Titans defense had six sacks against the Denver Broncos two weeks ago and six more in their win over the Dallas Cowboys last week. The last NFL team to produce at least six sacks in each of two straight games had been the New York Giants, early in 2008. Three games in a row with six sacks would tie an NFL record.
  • The team that has won the coin toss on Monday Night Football this season is 6-0