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Tennessee Titans @ Jacksonville Jaguars : 5 Keys to Victory


  1. Keep up red zone play. The Titans offense and defense have been among the best in the league in the red zone. It's tough to get much better than a 73% touchdown rate. It definitely helps that the Titans are fuftg in the AFC in takeaways, and that Marc Mariani has been doing an unbelievable job creating a short field for the offense to work with. As long as the defense is keeping the opponent from scoring, I could care less how many yards David Garrard gets.
  2. Similar game plan. Last week's game plan against the Cowboys was as close to perfect as we've seen this year. The key is to surprise the Jaguars, as we did to the Cowboys, coming out passing in the first offensive drive. The Jags have one extra day to prepare for the Titans, considering this is a Monday game, and they are obviously very familiar with this team, being a divisional game.
  3. Be penalty-conscious. The Titans are the most penalized in the league, while the Jaguars are the least penalized team. The Jaguars are expected to have a full building Monday night, and false starts could be affected by a loud prime time crowd. Last week was better, limiting penalties.
  4. Bring the heat. The Titans have more sacks in five games this year than the Jaguars had in the entire 2009 season. They have been doing a superb job getting to the quarterback, and it needs to continue. Sen'Derrick Marks and Tony Brown have been in full pracice, and having them back at full strength will make this line even better. Cortland Finnegan needs to get back to basics, which for him means getting into the opponents faces and getting back to the feistiness that was missing last week.
  5. Let VY loose.  This key was fulfilled last week, but let's see it again. Vince Young has proved to be great in play action passes, with a touchdown ratio of 2-0 in such plays, so hopefully Coach Fisher will catch on. Vince has been making some great plays this year when he is given the opportunity. Plus, as we all know, a good passing game opens up lanes for CJ.
It also might be a good idea to win the opening coin toss, as teams that have this year on MNF are 6-0.