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Titans vs. Jaguars: A Look at the 2009 Meetings

It is crazy how different the two games played between the Titans and Jaguars were in 2009.


The first meeting came in week 4.  The Jaguars won that game 37-17 in Jacksonville.  David Garrard torched the Titans for 323 yards and 3 touchdowns.  Before that game I had been able to convince myself that the bad start was just a series of bad breaks and that the Titans could still be the playoff contender I thought they were heading into the season.  At halftime of that game with the Titans trailing 27-3 I knew it was going to be a long season.

The second game was the first game after the bye, the first game after the Boston Massacre, and the first game that Vince Young started.  The Titans won 30-13, and it was the first time we started talking about a 2,000 yard season for Chris Johnson.  He had 228 yards rushing with TD runs of 89 and 52- of course Maurice Jones-Drew also went for 177 yards in that game with TD runs of 80 and 79. 

Vince was very efficient in that game going 15 of 18 for 125 yards with a touchdown throw to Nate Washington and no interceptions.  The Titans held Garrard to 139 yards passing with no TDs and 2 interceptions.  As you know, that win was the start of a good run that allowed us to consider the playoffs until late in the season.