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Jeff Fisher's Best Coaching Move of 2010: Giving Chris Johnson An Extra Day Of Rest

Chris Johnson was held out of practice today in what the he and the team describe as an attempt to get the man some much needed rest. The Titans have already had an extra day off from contact drills due to the Monday Night schedule, so CJ2K got three full days of not getting pounded on.

Frankly, this may be the best coaching move Fisher has made all year. Johnson is a little guy by NFL standards, and he's leading the league in rushing attempts. Any chance they get to try and rest him up after some of the big hits he took against the Steelers, Giants and Broncos should be appreciated by Titans fans just as much as Johnson himself. CJ2K still ran on the treadmill and has been attending the meetings, so it's not like he's vegging out at the house.

Good move here by the coaching staff to do everything they can to keep one of the best weapons in the NFL healthy and energetic heading into a big divisional game.