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Week 6 NFL Power Rankings: "Keep This Gameplan" Edition

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After the jump is a roundup of where the Titans are ranked in various power rankings around the internet for Week 6. It will be updated as more rankings are posted.




This Week Last Week Commentary
Yahoo! Sports -- 14 --
ESPN 12 19 Coaches should ask VY to throw like that weekly.(Kuharsky) 7 11 Dominating offenses at the line of scrimmage. CJ2K will be OK. 17 21 When the Titans get production from Chris Johnson they can play with anyone.
Sporting News 9 14 When RB Chris Johnson and QB Vince Young are both on, they are unbeatable.
USA Today 15 19 --
CBS Sports 15 16 Winning at Dallas sets up a big road game at Jacksonville next Monday. The winner will stay atop the AFC South.
SB Nation 11 18 Interesting quarterback performance on Sunday in the Cowboys victory. 12-of-25 for 173 yards and a pair of scores for Vince Young. Not a bad day when you have a solid rushing attack to support you.
Fox Sports 10 15 All QB Vince Young has to do is not turn the ball over and the Titans have a realistic chance to win any game. While RB Chris Johnson isn't headed for last year's unbelievable rushing numbers, he's still the foundation of their offense.
ProFootballWeekly 13 17 Allowed 982 yards of offense in wins over Giants, Cowboys. -- -- -- 8 17 As the Texans slipped back to the pack, Tennessee made a statement in Dallas, upsetting the Cowboys. Suddenly, the Titans are right in the AFC South mix. Any team with Chris Johnson running the football has to be taken seriously.
ProFootballTalk 9 11 If the team that beat the Cowboys shows up more than once per month, the Titans will win the division.   
What if Sports 6 7 --
MMQB 8 N/A When Vince Young is moving the offense, this is a team capable of winning anywhere. We saw another example of that in Dallas Sunday.