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Tennessee Titans @ Dallas Cowboys : 5 Keys to Victory Recap

1. Don't be run happy.Great play calling right out of the gate as the Titans passed to set up the run. Vince Young came out and threw it in five of the eight plays in the first drive of the game, ending with a Nate Washington grab in the end zone. 27 rushing plays and 25 passing plays is a good ratio, with only 5 yards difference between total yards on the ground and yards in the air. 

2. Calm down.No personal fouls for the Titans in Sunday's game, and only four total penalties for 40 yards throughout the game. Cortland Finnegan was quiet, though he admits that he was not playing as physically as he likes to. The Cowboys, on the other hand, started the game with two pass interference penalties, setting up the Titans first touchdown, and they ended up with 12 penalties for 133 yards.

3. Let Vince loose.VY looked good doing what he was asked to, playing a more than efficient game. The main stats are two touchdowns and no interceptions. Vince aired it out: 54 yards to Kenny Britt, 24 yards to Nate Washington, and 23 yards to Damian Williams. With Justin Gage nursing his injury, the receivers really showed up on Sunday.

4. Run down Romo. You can't get much better than six sacks, including five in the first half. The Cowboys offensive line came in allowing only one sack in three games, and the Titans hextupled that number in just one game. The Titans leading the league in sacks, also have two of the top seven sackers in the league, in Jason Babin with 5.5 sacks and Dave Ball with 4.5. 

5. Don't allow the big play.  There were 12 plays of over 15 yards by the Cowboys, including the ridiculous play where Miles Austin caught a 69 yard touchdown pass between Michael Griffin and Ryan Mouton (?) who ran into each other. This defense allows a lot of yards, but as long as they are not scoring a lot of points, I'm fine with that.