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Pete Carroll Reportedly to Seattle; USC Reportedly Interested in Jeff Fisher

This has been quite the interesting day.  First we find out that the Seahawks have fired coach Jim Mora Jr. after just one year on the job.  Then Twitter blows up with the news that the Seahawks are targeting USC coach Pete Carroll to become their next head coach.  I still believe that it is because the NCAA is about to drop the hammer on USC, but I have nothing to back that up with.  Now there is a report out there that USC is interested in Jeff Fisher.

A few things about that before we all go crazy here:

First- We have no idea how reliable that "USC admin source" is. 

Second- Even if it is the president of the school or the athletic director it doesn't mean that Jeff Fisher would have any interest in going to USC.  Of course this is an easy thing to throw out there because USC is Fisher's alma mater, but he has never given any indication that he has any desire to go back there to coach.  (Another name with USC ties is Jaguars coach Jack Del Rio.  He might be more likely to jump ship because he is on thin ice in Jacksonville.)

Third- If the theory that USC is in trouble makes it even less likely that Fisher would want to go there. 

Fourth- Jeff has two more years left on his contract.  Bud Adams has made it perfectly clear that Fish is his guy, and I don't see Bud letting him out even if it is for a college job.

Those are all of the reasons that it doesn't make sense.  Here are a few reasons why it does make sense:

First- He is a USC guy.

Second- As hal says, USC is an easy job that recruits itself.  That could be something that interests Jeff Fisher at this point in his career.

I would say there is about a 2% chance that Fisher would even want to talk to the people from SC, but it is something you might hear kicked around until they get their guy.