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The Ten Year Anniversary of the Music City Miracle

Today marks the 10 year anniversary of the greatest play in the history of  this franchise.  I will never, ever get tired of watching that play, and it makes me even more emotional now when they cut to Steve McNair on the sideline. 

Since we all need something positive to think about in Titanland, I figured I would open this thread up for people to share their memories of that play.  I know we have done this before, but there are a lot of new people around these parts.  Plus I never get tired of telling my memory and reading other people's. 

Here is mine:

I was a senior in high school. The night before the game our house was broken into and completely trashed. We stayed up really late that night trying to put it back together, but it was still a wreck. The next morning I had a church league basketball game, and I played horribly. I got home about half time and was devastated when they kicked the field goal to go ahead.

I was sitting in the chair in the study when the play happened. While he was running the ball back I got up, started jumping around and high fiving my dad. I remember going up to the tv and drawing a line with my finger the whole time they were reviewing it. I bet I said, "I really think it is backwards" 100 times.

That play has really taken on more and more significance to this town and franchise as these 10 years have passed.  If that play doesn't happen, who knows if this town would have taken to this team like they have.  I will never forget going out around the city during that run.  Everyone had Titans gear on, and the team was all anyone was talking about.  I had never seen anything like it in my life and haven't seen anything like it again.

Leave your memory in the comments below.

Some interviews about the play after the jump.