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Titans Should Receive a Third Round Compensatory Draft Pick

AdamJT13, who is widely known as the compensatory draft pick guru, wrote on his blog earlier this month that the Titans should receive the "highest 3rd round comp pick (Albert) Haynesworth:"

Tennessee — The Titans lost six players who will qualify, including the highest-valued player who qualifies, Albert Haynesworth. They signed two players who will qualify and one (Mark Jones) who is on the bubble. They will get the highest third-round comp pick for Haynesworth and either two or three other comp picks, depending on whether Jones qualifies. The Titans' other comp picks should be in the seventh round, but one has an outside chance of being in the sixth round.

That is good news especially considering the Titans currently don't hold a second round pick.  Click the link above for comp pick info on all of the AFC South teams.

(h/t to the old coach for the link)