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Tennessee Titans Morning Links: Lets Just Rename 'Facepalm' To 'The Fisher' Edition

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Tennessee_titans_30x21 Kevin Mawae led a group of 30 current and former players to Capitol Hill yesterday to talk with Congress about issues that are pushing the NFL and NFLPA towards a work stoppage.  The visit was timed to coincide with a rather important case being considered just down the road.  The actual case in front of the Supreme Court (how is it different from a regular court?  Sour cream.) has to do with NFL logos on hats not made by Reebok, but the real issue is that the NFL is contending it should be treated as one entity, not a collection of franchise owners.  This would unequivocally make the NFL exempt from antitrust regulations, which has been unofficially true for years, but has been used as a bargaining ship against the league.  Mike Florio (better lawyer than analyst) has a good recap of how that's so and why it's important.

Tennessee_titans_30x21 Kenny Britt is hanging out with the wrong crowd.  That's not the same thing as going down the wrong path just yet, but associating with and helping out convicted felons who aren't family just isn't a good idea.  It's not exactly shocking by NFL standards, but hopefully he'll wise-up and focus in on people who can help him through his career, not hurt him.

Tennessee_titans_30x21 Jeff Fisher was on the Dan Patrick show yesterday, and Gary Estwick has a few of Fisher's choice gems.  Here's the one that makes the headlines:

Fisher continued: "We had those first three games; we could have gone either way. Then we had three that didn’t go well – we had that moral victory at New England, keeping them under 60." (the Patriots won 59–0).


Follow us through the jump for a pretty solid observation about VY's Pro Bowl invite....

Tennessee_titans_30x21 So we all know VY was added to the Pro Bowl roster, but leave it to Paul K to put it in perspective:

Young was very good, and sometime great, after taking over as Tennessee’s starter following an 0-6 record with Kerry Collins at quarterback. 

But we’re now seven deep in the AFC Pro Bowl quarterback pool, and if the Colts win the AFC Championship and advance to the Super Bowl, it’ll be eight because Peyton Manning won’t play. 

Eight of sixteen starters in the conference may be able to call themselves Pro Bowlers. Apologies, but that doesn’t feel like a big honor and it’s another reason why the Pro Bowl is broken. 

Sign me up for a league where the half the people with my job qualify as all-stars. 

Tennessee_titans_30x21 Eugene Amano made a new Titans fan when he showed up at the hospital where his mom works to comfort Chris Anguiano, who was brutally attacked with a hatchet in a case of mistaken identity.  Anguiano was attacked with a hatchet while he slept, and woke up from a coma scarred, blind and with brain damage.  It's a terrible story, and Amano's gesture is really cool way to help lift a fellow Filipino's spirits a little bit after such a brutal, unprovoked tragedy.

Tennessee_titans_30x21 Ross Tucker of Sports Illustrated takes a look at the NFL's hidden coaching carousel: the assistants and coordinators.  On a side-note, when Chan Gailey got the job in Buffalo I bet Mike Heimerdinger just started throwing things.  I mean, on what planet would Gailey be a better hire than 'Dinger or a whole host of assistants who have been chomping at the bit for over a decade?

Tennessee_titans_30x21 Bucky Brooks got into the mock draft mood, and he has us taking Everson Griffen as well.


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