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Mel Kiper's First 2010 Mock Draft Brings Good News

Well, it's here ($ Insider subscription required), and Mel's first Mock Draft has a few interesting twists.  He has the Titans addressing one of our biggest issue this off-season, the D-line, by reaching back to Jeff Fisher's alma mater: 

Pick 17, TennesseeTitans:

Everson Griffen*, DE, USC

Pierre-Paul likely won't fall this far, so the Titans get a gifted underclassman who looked like a pro coming out of high school and now is living up to his potential. He already has an NFL frame, and when Griffen is consistent, he's a strong pass-rusher.

By all early indications, Griffen would be a great grab here.  He's young, a phenomenal athlete and has a lot of experience on the big stage.  Consistency is an issue, but he was talented enough to be the first freshman to start game one of his USC career.  Here's a good read from his college days, which starts-out with his faux-arrest for abusing a USC Offensive Tackle (it was a prank orchestrated by Pete Caroll, of course).  As far as actual arrests, he's got a clean record, save for a 4th of July noise complaint that was later dropped.

Just about the only other position we'd be considering with the first pick is CB (maybe LB), and there are only two in the first round.  One of those is Joe Haden from Florida, who will be gone long before we pick.

It's definitely worth noting some of the well-known players who he has us passing on: Texas OLB Sergio Kindle (19th to the Flacons), USC Safety Taylor Mays (23rd to the Packers) and Tennessee DT Dan Williams (26th to the Cardinals).  the top 3 picks in this mock are Suh, Gerald McCoy and Eric Berry.