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Seattle Seahawks @ Tennessee Titans : 5 Keys to Victory

  1. Give CJ the ball. This is the key of the game. If the Titans plan on winning the game in addition to getting Chris Johnson his yards, we will need to build up a lead early so that we can hand the ball off to him whenever we feel like it to get him the required yards even if the Seahawks aren't giving up much. 
  2. Force turnovers. Seahawks quarterback Matt Hasselback has 9 turnovers, including 8 of his total 16 interceptions in the past two games, so the Seahawks aren't doing their part to win the turnover battle. We also have Rod Hood in the lineup rather than Nick Harper, who has three interceptions, tied for second most on the team. The Titans didn't have a turnover last week, and we have seen that when we win the turnover battle, we have a much higher shot of winning the game.
  3. Give CJ the ball. Chris Johnson needs 63 rushing yards to break Earl Campbell's franchise record for single season rushing yards, 75 yards from scrimmage to break Marshall Faulk's record, 128 rushing yards to get to 2,000, 128 rushing and 17 receiving to become the first player ever with 2,000 rushing and 500 receiving, and 234 to break Eric Dickerson's single season record. Ahmard Hall feels 2,000 will happen easily, what the team really strides for is Dickerson's record, but will we try and get it at all costs?
  4. VY needs to have a comeback performance. VY had arguably the worst game of his career last week with under 100 yards passing and a 38.9% completion percentage. Expect him to bounce back to the form he had in his first eight games as starter against a Seahawks defense that is one of the worst in the league. It will be important to end this comeback season for Vince on a high note.
  5. Give CJ the ball. You know this is all we're going to be doing to close out this disappointing season. This season will be a complete failure if CJ doesn't get good yardage in this game. If there's one thing the Seahawks are managing to do this season though, it's stopping the run.