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Tennessee Titans Morning Links: His Favorite Song Is Free Ride Edition

Tennessee_titans_30x21 Pro Football Weekly ranks offensive coordinators across the NFL, and the Titans' Mike Heimerdinger comes in at number 8.  Most of the acclaim comes from running two distinctly different offenses over the course of the season:

SCOUT'S TAKE: "Heimerdinger did a hell of a job in a sense that when they went to Vince Young, he changed the whole offense to fit with what he had on the field. He would want to pound the football and throw it deep if he could, but with Vince and Chris Johnson and even the offensive linemen that he has, that is not what gave them the best chance to win. So he changed to more zone stretches and high-percentage passes."

Tennessee_titans_30x21 Another off-season, another chance for the Titans to shed Donnie Nickey, who is overrated on special teams and boasts just one start at safety in the past 4 years.  I'm sure he's a great guy, but we can do better and need to do better along the secondary.  Besides, I think we have enough scrappy white blue collar guys eating roster spots for their special teams contributions (looking at you, Allred).  If they let him go I'll even chip in for the Edgar Winter Group tape for him.

Tennessee_titans_30x21 Add Jack Del Rio to the 3-deep list of coaches in the AFC South who must win a playoff game next year or be fired.  For a division that's hallmarked by solid QBs and coaching consistency, there sure will be a lot of hot seats in 2010.  you can understand why every one of them is in that situation, but I don't think I've seen a dynamic like this before or sense.

Follow us through the jump for more shots at others from yours truly....

Tennessee_titans_30x21 For those who keep defending Pacman or saying we should re-sign him: A.J. Perez catches up with Tommy Urbanski, the bouncer who was permanently paralyzed by the shooting Pac ordered in Vegas.

Tennessee_titans_30x21 Gotta agree wit this guy: lets just go ahead and call the MVP the QB with the best stats on a playoff team award.  That's all it is and anyone who says otherwise is a Colts fan. (BTW, I'm usually loathe to post articles because they're idiotic writers who just crave google hits [to wit], but it's slim pickens out there today folks.)

Tennessee_titans_30x21 Just posting this link because I love the Lane Kiffin pic.  I knew that would be a terrible hire, I just didn't think it would be for this reason...  at what point does Lane Kiffin have to earn one of the jobs he lands?

Tennessee_titans_30x21 Mike Florio reports on the meetings between the NFLPA and the league with the gusto, perspective and reliability ofa 13 year-old girl.


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