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Tennessee Titans Name 7 Practice Squad Players, 3 Former Titans Claimed By Other Teams

The Titans agreed to terms with 7 players to join the practice squad. 

  1. WR Paul Williams
  2. OL Ryan Durand
  3. OL Fernando Velasco
  4. S Nick Schommer
  5. DT Mitch King
  6. FB Rodney Ferguson II
  7. WR Phillip Morris

The Titans can still add one more player to the squad. Practice squad players practice with the team during the week but do not dress out for games and are paid less than players on the 53-man roster.


Also, P A.J. Trapasso and TE Matthew Mulligan were claimed by the New York Jets. DT LaJuan Ramsey has been claimed by the St. Louis Rams.


Jeff Fisher's Sunday Press conference is after the jump.


(on Chris Henry)

He really had a good preseason, really picked-up his special teams production. This was the best preseason he’s had as a Titan and special teams player. Quinton (Ganther) injured his calf and will be out for an extended period of time and so we waived Quinton injured. That’s how it worked out.

(on Quinton Ganther’s injury)

That is something that we’ll work out between he and his agent. I’m not going to go into specifics as to the extent of the injury.

(on if the injury prevented Quinton Ganther from earning a roster spot)

It prevented him from finishing the game. Chris Henry’s on the roster, Quinton is not, he’s injured.

(on position battles for roster spots)

We had a lot of situations where it was very competitive as you can see by the cut-downs, which took place yesterday, which is weeks ago as far as I’m concerned. We’re looking forward to Pittsburgh right now.

(on the start of the season being a new season and forgetting last season)

Reflecting back in the past does you no good as far as moving forward unless you use the experience wisely. By that, I mean we’re looking at Pittsburgh right now. We’re looking at what Pittsburgh did in our game, what we did, and what Pittsburgh did since then. Obviously, they’re the World Champs and they're the team to beat. They’re returning all but two starters. They’ve had a great preseason.

(on both teams returning all but two starters from last season’s roster)

I think it makes for a good ball game. If I was an outsider I wouldn’t miss it. You’ve got two teams that were in the playoffs last year that have maintained stability on their roster and in the organization. I would think that both teams have a chance to get better.

(on if looking at last season’s tape against the Steelers gives them a good idea to game plan)

There’s always going to be wrinkles in the game plan, things in the game plan from last December that neither team used, things that were good, things that weren’t good. That’s what brings curiosity to the ball game. That’s what keeps the staffs up late and that’s what motivates the players.

(on if the Steelers are going away from being a smash-mouth football team)

The good thing about what the Steelers do is they do week after week what it takes to win ballgames. Sometimes they’ll protect and throw it down the field, sometimes they’ll run it 35-40 times. But the one thing that remains consistent is the way they play defense and they way they play special teams.

(on the significance of the opening game vs. the Steelers)

You know personally, yeah, it’s a great challenge. But professionally, what it is, it’s the first game of this new season. We have to go about presenting the information and presenting the challenges associated with this game to the team. What we’ve decided to do is take it one day at a time. Thursday night’s going be here before we know it, we can’t dwell on it. The best way to have success Thursday is to take each practice session and each meeting session one at a time.

(on the practice schedule being different than regular with a short week)

It’s ‘Wednesday’ in case anyone is wondering. It is ‘Wednesday’ at 1:38 as a matter of fact and tomorrow is ‘Thursday.’

(on Nate Washington’s status)

He’s doing better, everyone’s doing better.

(on how much Nate Washington practiced today)

Everybody’s doing better and we’ll have a status report for you tomorrow.

(on the number of rookies on the roster indicating a strong draft)

I think going into the draft if you were going to ask Mike (Reinfeldt) or I do we think we’ve got spots for nine new players, rookies, we would have said no. It’s been a pleasant surprise, it’s depth. Some guys are going to contribute in this game. I think they’ve got six or seven. Both teams have more than a dozen rookies and first-year players on their roster right now. That’s the game were in but I think both teams also have a good solid nucleus.

(on the rookies’ first game of the year being on primetime TV)

That’s the challenge is that you have to explain to them, they saw first-hand in the walkthrough today and in the meetings, things are different. I think every single thing that’s said must be digested and understood. There’s no margin for error because everything that’s said and we’re counting on everybody. With that being said, they understand. There’s enough guys in this locker room that will pull them around. I’m not concerned about the wide-eyes and those other things associated with it.