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NFL Cut Day Open Thread

The Titans have already made 19 of their 22 required cuts (complete list through the jump).  The rest have to be made in the next couple of hours, and we will post them as soon as we hear them.  Feel free to discuss the cuts that have already been made and the ones that will be made.  

We will also be keeping an eye on the cuts made around the league to see if there are any guys that might peak the interest of the Titans.

Cuts Practice Squad
Mark Jones Ryan Durand
Paul Williams
Demarcus Faggins
Rocky Boiman
Josh Stamer
Ryan Durand
Nick Schommer
Tuff Harris
Mitch King
Jason Murphy
Cory Lekkerkerker
Fernando Velasco
Matthew Mulligan
LaJuan Ramsey
Phillip Morris
Tanard Davis
Rodney Ferguson II
A.J. Trapasso
Ryan Fowler
Quinton Ganther
Larry Birdine