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Tennessee Titans Cut Four Players Including Mark Jones and Paul Williams

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The Titans have already started to trim the roster down towards the required 53 with four cuts this afternoon.  The number doesn't have to be 53 until tomorrow, but the Titans started today by cutting return man Mark Jones, wide receiver Paul Williams, offensive lineman Jason Murphy, and wide receiver Phillip Morris.

Obviously Jones is a bit of a surprise to me because I projected him to make the 53 man roster this morning but nothing earth shattering so far.  I have no idea who they are going to use on punts considering the only three people they used in preseason to return punts were Chris Davis, Ryan Mouton, and Jones.

[UPDATE]- is reporting Casey Cramer has been cut as well.

[UPDATE #2]- Rocky Boiman and Josh Stamer have also been cut.

[UPDATE #3]- Demarcus Faggins- HE GONE!

[UPDATE #4]- Tuff Harris and Nick Schommer gone.  They are killing my 53 man.

[UPDATE #5]- Fernando Velasco out.

[UPDATE #6]- Playmaking tight end Mathew Mulligan released.

[UPDATE #7]- The most famous preseason punter in NFL history, AJ Trapasso has also been let go.

[UPDATE #8]- Shake's boy Mitch King will not be joining the 2009 fun.

[UPDATE #9]- Tanard Davis the latest casualty.  We don't need no stinkin corners.

[UPDATE #10]- Cory Lekkerkerker no mas. 

[UPDATE #11]- Rodney Ferguson II gone. That's 17 today. 5 more cuts to make.

[UPDATE #12]- LaJuan Ramsey and Ryan Durand cut.