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Titans 27 Packers 13 A Bullet Point Recap

Obviously nothing much to talk about from the first team.  So we will go with a bullet point recap after the jump:

  • Chris Johnson is ready to go.
  • Kenny Britt needs to catch the ball that Collins threw to him.
  • Justin Gage needs to catch the next ball Collins threw.
  • Mark Jones made his case for making this team with a solid night returning.
  • Aaron Rodgers needs to shave that nasty stache.
  • Vince Young played well but still has some accuracy issues.
  • It was awesome to see Jason Jones back on the field and looking healthy.
  • VY needs to be more decisive when he decides to run.  That stop and juke move doesn't work in the NFL.
  • Craig Stevens has no idea where he is on the field ever.  He also has no idea what to do when he has the ball.
  • Speaking of VY's accuracy issues, took him 2 throws to get the fade to Dominique Edison right in the end zone.  Edison is on the team.
  • It is a shame Chris Henry is blind because he can lay the wood when he runs the ball.
  • Writing this as I watch the game, Edison's second TD catch was unbelievable.  That kid has some skills.
  • Larry Birdine was in the backfield all night.  He isn't going to make the team, but he had a good night.
  • And Stevens gets a nice holding call to boot
  • William Hayes also got after the QB all night.
  • Mark Jones started the night hot but fizzled out as the night went on.  I would say it is 50/50 on whether or not he makes the roster.
  • VY is clearly the #2