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Week 4 NFL Power Rankings: The "We're Ranked Lower Than the Lions" Edition


Rankings for Week 4 after the jump. Our average spot is 19. Uh-oh.'s "experts" ranked us at #23. It's a sad day when we are ranked lower than the Detroit Lions.

ESPN's rankings, have us down just 2 spots to #16.

Drops have to be a big practice issue this week, on special teams and for pass targets. (Kuharsky)

Yahoo! Sports  needs to read this. We're down 2 spots to #19.

If Vince Young is ever going to step up and fulfill his massive potential, wouldn’t now be an ideal time?

Pro Football Weekly  drops us 3 spots to #19. I think it's time to accept this statement.

Albert Haynesworth, you are missed.

CBS Sportsline raises us a spot (?) to #20, but does not have good things to say.

Message to Titans: Win at Jacksonville this week or kiss the playoffs goodbye. If they start 0-4, they're done.

Fox Sports drops us 6 to #18 It seems they still believe in us.

BETTER THAN RECORD: The Titans are definitely not a doormat — they're way too talented not to put some wins together. But they seem to have perfected the art of playing just well enough to lose (like rookie Ryan Mouton costing the Titans a win over the Jets by fumbling twice on special teams).

The Sporting News's Power Poll  drops us 9 to #23. I guess we are the biggest disappointment in the NFL.

Biggest disappointment in the NFL so far. Kerry Collins looks as if he has lost confidence.

What if Sports's unique "Power Predictions" raises us 3 spots again this week to #16.