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Highlights from Coach Jeff Fisher's Monday Press Conference

Here are the high points from today's press conference:


  • Vincent Fuller will undergo surgery to repair a broken forearm.  The Titans will not put him on IR, and Fisher says he should be back in 4-6 weeks (6 being more likely).
  • Fisher did admit that they are evaluating the 53 man roster.  Losing Fuller for an extended period of time, and the uncertainty surrounding Cortland Finnegan's hamstring have forced them to do this.  Hopefully they will get a corner who can return kicks/punts.
  • Fisher still has confidence that Ryan Mouton will be a good kick returner eventually.  We don't have time for eventually anymore.
  • Jared Cook still isn't 100%.  I guess that answers the question a lot of us have been wondering about why he hasn't been more involved.
  • Gary Estwick asked if Cortland Finnegan being hurt affected the game.
  • Fisher was asked point blank if there was any thought to changing quarterbacks.  He simply said no.  What else is he going to say?
  • Estwick also asked if watching the tape revealed why the receivers dropped passes.
  • Bo Scaife will allegedly practice this week.