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Are You A Titans Die-Hard Who Lives Out Of Market? Here's Your Chance To Shine!

DirectTV is holding a contest to discover the Ultimate Displaced Fan. They're searching for loyal and passionate fans who are cursed to live outside of their team's locale, and just can't take it anymore!  

What's at stake?  The winner get tickets to the Super Bowl, the chance to do a media tour with their favorite player from their team and they'll get to play in a Beach Bowl game with celebrities and NFL personalities.  Now, normally I'm not one to shill for a corporate entity, especially one that isn't giving me a dime, but I thought this was a pretty cool contest since we have so many loyal and passionate Titans fans here at MCM who go the extra mile it takes to be an out-of-market fan.

So if yo think you fit the bill head on over and enter for a chance to win, and if you have a good story about being a displaced fan, be sure to share it with us in the comments!