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GQ Story Exposes The NFL's Cover-Up Of Brain Injuries To Retired Players


"How does a guy go from four Super Bowl rings to... pissing in his own oven and squirting Super Glue on his rotting teeth?"

That's the billion dollar question.  Retired NFL players are suffering from dementia, depression and a slew of other seriously debilitating mental symptoms that are affecting the game's heroes at a freakishly high rate.  The symptoms go way beyond the traditional 'punch drunk' diagnosis.  It's killing them at very early ages.  There's something serious going on here, and it's only going to get worse.

One forensic pathologist from Pittsburgh appears to have found the cause and wants to create a cure.  Independent experts and colleagues have reviewed his work, and believe in his conclusions.  So why is the NFL making it a mission to discredit and marginalize his research?

The answer is straight out of the tobacco company playbook, and it's disgusting.  If you read one article this week, make it this one.