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Some Thoughts On Titans Defensive Coordinator Chuck Cecil

Chuck Cecil is obviously the easy target for the things that have happened in the first two games.  We watched Ben Roethlisberger set an NFL record for pump fakes in a game while the defensive backs played 8-10 yards off the ball in Pittsburgh last week and then watched Matt Schaub throw to wide open receivers all day this week.  There is no question that Cecil should shoulder some of the blame for these problems, but he is not solely to blame.

This Titans secondary, which was lauded as one of the best in the NFL before the season started, is a veteran group.  Cecil might not be making all of the right calls, but there is no excuse for our Pro Bowl safeties to continually get sucked in by pump fakes and play action.  Veteran players have a responsibility to help out a new coordinator, and the Titans' safeties, as much as I love both guys, haven't done that in the first two weeks of this season.

I would also urge you to have some patience when it comes to Cecil.  Remember that it wasn't very long ago that people were lined up to run Jim Schwartz out of town.  It took some time for the players to acclimate themselves to Schwartz's scheme, and once they did, he was one of the hottest commodities in the coaching market.

It was easy to see Cecil's fire and passion when he played the game, and it has been easy to see those same traits as he coaches on the sidelines.  I think he will be able to channel that passion and fire to make himself a better coach.

Rome wasn't built in a day.  Let's give Cecil more than two games before we run him out of town.