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Tennessee Titans Morning Links: You Hide, You Hide, But Will Be Found Edition

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Tennessee_titans_30x21 Jared Cook got more reps at practice as he gets closer and closer to game-ready.  The coaching staff are still hopeful that he'll be ready on Sunday.  Titans fans, meanwhile, are dying to see what he can do in real games after he lead the entire team in receptions during the preseason.

Tennessee_titans_30x21 Ryan Mouton will also be active this Sunday, and that means we'll get a look at the cat coaches believe in so much they've by-passed a bevy of experienced returners who are currently street free agents.

Tennessee_titans_30x21 Now if Cook is inactive and Ryan Mouton stinks up the place on returns Sunday, it'll be a true nightmare scenario for us.  And the worst part?  We'll have to watch it All Nightmare Long... by Metallica!  (Yeah I'm doubling up on the Metallica for my Friday Jams, but the show on Monday was that damned good... and yes, that's Lemmy from Motorhead playing the encore.  This video is also one of the best I've seen in years.  I'm a complete junkie for any well done zombie movie.)

Follow us through the jump to see what Houston RB Chris Brown is saying about the Titans...

Tennessee_titans_30x21 Four years into his career as a Titan, Stephen Tulloch has really come into his own in the eyes of the coaching staff, as evidenced by the cutting of Ryan Fowler. Of course, we here at MCM have been big fans of Tully for years, so seeing that faith pay off is always satisfying.

Tennessee_titans_30x21 Surprise, surprise: many of the Titans are big fans of the MMA reality show Ultimate Fighter, and that's even more true this year as one of the contestants was a former 7th round pick by the Titans named Wes Shivers.

Tennessee_titans_30x21 Chris Brown doesn't harbor any hard feelings against the Titans despite how his time ended here.  Frankly, I don't see how he could have much to complain about regarding the final few years because I'm sure they put all of the comfy furniture and Capri Suns in the training room he needed. 

Tennessee_titans_30x21 Sunday's contest is almost guaranteed to be on an ultra-sloppy field as the game moves on (for non-locals, it's been raining for about a week here in Nashville, and the forecast is calling for more of the same through the middle of next week).  For Chris Johnson, that could be a very good thing.

Tennessee_titans_30x21 Ahhem... Lavelle, I'd pay good attention to this note from PFW's Whispers section:
• Should the Titans add a veteran receiver in the weeks to come, second-year WR Lavelle Hawkins' roster spot could be in jeopardy, a source close to the club told PFW. Hawkins was inactive for the season opener at Pittsburgh.

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