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Tuesday Morning Football Outsiders Reading

Since August is tied up this morning, I figured I would give you a couple of Titans' centered articles on Football Outsiders to read while waiting for your regularly scheduled morning links.

The first article is basically a running conversation between some of the FO guys while watching the Titans vs. Steelers game.  My favorite line from the conversation:

Vince Verhei: Jeff Fisher and Mike Tomlin have my permission to coach forever. Both teams have been tenacious on every play. The sequence before Pittsburgh's field goal, when they lined up for a play on fourth down, had me way too excited. Tennessee showed great discipline and preparation, not coming close to jumping offside. And then Pittsburgh takes delay of game rather waste a timeout when they were going to kick a field goal anyway. I think 80 percent of coaches would have taken a timeout there.

I couldn't agree with him more.

The second article comes from Mike Kurtz and Tom Gower and talks about the over/unders for AFC teams.  Gower, who also writes for Total Titans, has this gem in his paragraph:

The offense is poised to be better, if only by the subtraction of Justin McCareins and a receiving corps that could be as good as the 20th best in the NFL, which would be the best it's been since at least 2004.