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Week 1 in the AFC South

A few thought about the other teams after week 1 (admittedly a small sample size):

Indianapolis Colts (14-12 win over Jacksonville): My line on the Colts is going to be the same until they prove otherwise: They are always going to be a good, playoff team as long as Peyton Manning at the helm, but this team is nowhere near as good as the offensive juggernaut they were 2-3 years ago (especially with the loss of Anthony Gonzalez for 2-6 weeks).  I believe the Colts will finish second in the division again and make he playoffs.

Houston Texans (24-7 loss to the J-E-T-S): Say all you want about the Rex Ryan scheme and how the Jets are going to be better than most people thought, but this is an embarrassing loss for the Texans.  The team that ranked #1 in Yahoo!'s fantasy juggernaut index was only able to put up 7 points and 183 yards of total offense on the day, and that's not even their biggest problem.  The "improved" defense gave up 272 yards to a rookie quarterback.  All of that being said, the Titans better be ready for an extremely motivation team Sunday.

Jacksonville Bedazzlers (14-12 loss to Indy): Looked like more of the same for the Bedazzlers to me.  Their offensive line still didn't look good, but I expect them to get better as the season progresses.  The most mind-boggling thing of that game to me was the decision to go out of the wildcat on the two point conversion try.  In case you haven't noticed, the wildcat is soooo 2009.