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Pittsburgh Steelers 13 Tennessee Titans 10: The Penalties


The Titans committed 6 penalties in this game for 60 yards.  It was not David Stewart's best game as he committed 3 of the 6 penalties.

  1. The first penalty of the game came with 4:27 left in the first quarter and was Stewart's first illegal formation penalty of the game.  It wiped out a 12-yard first down pass to Justin Gage.  This seemed like a ticky tack call to me.  When they showed the replay he appeared to be pretty much right in line with right guard Jake Scott.  
  2. The second penalty of the game was another illegal formation call, this time against Nate Washington, with 5:19 left in the first half.  The bad thing about this penalty was that it wiped out a pass interference call against Troy Polamalu (which was a bad call).
  3. The third penalty was Stewart's second illegal formation violation.  This one wiped out an 11 yard pass to Craig Stevens that would have converted at 3rd down.  The Titans ended up punting on the drive.
  4. The fourth penalty of the night was when Kyle Vanden Bosch jumped offsides.  It was the only defensive penalty of the night.  The Titans tend to get a few of these because of how aggresively the defensive line gets after it.
  5. The fifth penalty might have been the most costly of the night.  It was a holding call on Gerald McRath during a kickoff return.  It wiped out Javon Ringer's 19 yard return and made the Titans start their drive at their own 18.  It also gave the Steelers even more momentum coming off the field goal that tied the game.
  6. The sixth and final penalty of the night was a false start against Stewart.  It came on the drive where the Titans were just trying to run the clock out to get to overtime, so it didn't really hurt anything.
Six penalties is a pretty good number, but at least 4 of the penalties came at crucial times.  I don't expect to see Stewart have another game this bad ever again.