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Pittsburgh Steelers 13 Tennessee Titans 10 Quick Recap

This will be short and not so sweet for now.  I cannot understand why the Titans did not change their defensive scheme late in this game.  Ben Roethlisberger was picking them apart late because he had all day to throw.  Why in the world would you not blitz on pretty much every down?  I understand the concept of not wanting to give up the "big play," but when they can get at least 12 yards on any passing play they want, what do you have to lose?  Who knows if blitzing would have made the outcome different, but you have to at least sell out on a couple of plays.

The other easy place to pin this game is on Rob Bironas.  This is a completely different game if he is able to make either of those kicks in the first half.  I have no idea if the missed kick in the playoff game last year was on his mind, but this team cannot afford to have a kicker that is anything but automatic from inside 40.

All of those things being said, this is one game in a long season.  There are some positive things to build on, but I don't feel like talking about any of those right now.  It would have been nice to win that game, but it by no means ends any aspirations the Titans have for this season.

Those are my immediate thoughts.  Feel free to vent in the comments.