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Steve McNair Dateline Special: Much Ado About Nothing

I just finished watching the Dateline special on Steve McNair, and honestly there was really nothing new if you have followed the story closely.  The first half was really just about McNair's life leading up to his NFL career and his NFL career.  The second half was mostly an interview with Saheel Kazemi's former roommate.

I was expecting a bunch of stories about other affairs and some crazy alternate theories to the crime.  The last 10 minutes or so did feature an interview with the "private investigator" that has been working with/for Kazemi's family.  I was shocked to hear that he is a former Metro Police officer that left the force after having some problems with his superior.  The interview said that he does not try to hide his dislike for the Nashville PD.  Shoots some holes in his credibility if you ask me.

As I said from the top, there just wasn't much to it.  Anyone else watch it?  Was there something there I missed?