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Cleveland Browns 23 Tennesse Titans 17: A Statistical Review

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These stats were more fun to do than the one after the Cowboys game.  Good to see the running game get moving towards the right track in what is probably the last time the whole first team is going to be on the field at the same time. 

Stats on the other side.

Here is how the teams broke down by play call and down:


1st Down

  • Rush- 13 plays 3.08 yards per play
  • Pass- 12 plays 6.75 yards per play
2nd Down
  • Rush- 2 plays 5.0 yards per play
  • Pass- 18 plays 9.11 yards per play
3rd Down
  • Rush- 2 plays -2 yards per play
  • Pass- 10 plays 7.6 yards per play (that is actually not too bad)
The Titans went for it on 4th down twice, LenDale picked up one with a 4 yard gain, and Vincent Fuller converted the other on the fake punt.

1st Down
  • Rush- 13 plays 2.54 yards per play
  • Pass- 8 plays 3.63 yards per play
2nd Down
  • Rush- 9 plays 2.33 yards per play
  • Pass- 11 plays 12.18 yards per play (that is a big number)
3rd Down
  • Rush- 0 plays 0 yards per play
  • Pass- 13 plays 7.5 yards per play
The Browns picked up 1 fourth down through the air.

These numbers are a lot better than the numbers we saw against the Cowboys.  Obviously the yards per pass on 2nd down are way too high, but it is important to keep in mind that the Browns played their starting offense for 3 1/2 quarters while the Titans starting defense only played the first half, and that the Titans were playing a lot of that bend but don't break defense.  They only gave up 3 points.