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Cleveland Browns 23 Tennessee Titans 17 Recap

The Titans didn't win this game, but I feel better coming away from this game than I have any of the others.  The first team offense was crisp tonight.  I am not sure how much of that you can attribute to Kevin Mawae being back, but the ground game looked much better tonight than it has in the three games he did not play.  It was good to see Chris Johnson get 27 yards on 7 carries and LenDale White get 20 on 4.  Watching LenDale run makes me wish that Chris Henry could have LenDale's vision and instincts.

Kerry Collins looked sharp in his time on the field going 11 of 14 for 104 yards and touchdown pass to Justin Gage who made an incredible catch on the play.  Gage looked good with the exception of one pass that he dropped, Kenny Britt had one catch for 19 yards and Jared Cook was impressive once again with 5 catches for 39 yards.  Cook left the game with a shin injury, so let's collectively pray that it is just a minor ding when we lay our heads on our pillows tonight.

The first team defense was solid again. I still have some concerns about the pass rush of the front four, but I will take our back seven against anyone's in the league.

Vince Young got a ton of playing time tonight and played pretty well overall.  He made two big mistakes on the night.  The first came right at the end of the first half when he took off to run on 1st and goal from the 4 with no time on the clock and no timeouts.  He got to the goal line and froze instead of just putting his head down and diving.  If he dives he scores, but instead he tried to juke, got stood up and fumbled the ball away to pretty much end the half.

The second mistake came in the third quarter when he made a bad throw backed up against his own goal line that was picked off and returned for a touchdown.  It was a throw from his back foot when he was facing pressure where he should have just thrown it away out of bounds.

The great news is that he came right back after that and led the team down the field for a touchdown.  That throw was the reason in a nutshell that he is not the starting quarterback and Collins is, but he showed me a lot tonight by coming back right after that and leading a good drive.  He had the biggest play of that drive when he scrambled for 23 yards with another 15 yards tacked on because his face mask was grabbed in the backfield.  This is the type of performance he can build on.  He ended the game 17 of 24 for 174 yards with 1 TD and 1 interception.

A few other thoughts:

  • Mark Jones is as good as cut.
  • Ditto for Chris Henry.
  • Quinton Ganther had a good game tonight.  He had a nice catch and run.  It is going to be tough for the coaches to cut him, especially when you consider he does just about everything on special teams.
  • It was good to see Jacob Ford back on the field.  Hopefully Jason Jones can get some work in next week against the Packers.
  • Dominique Edison will make this team.  Mike Keith said on the radio tonight that he has dropped less passes than anyone else in camp.  Right now the receiver depth chart is probably Gage, Britt, Edison.
  • Paul Williams will not make this team (in case you had any questions about that).
  • The Browns still had their starting offense in the game in the 4th quarter.  That is silly.