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Tennessee Titans @ Cleveland Browns: What Are The Titans Looking To Accomplish?

Most teams use this preseason game, the third for most teams and the fourth for this team because of the Hall of Fame Game, as the game where they play their starters into the second half to get them used to warming back up after the intermission.  Over the last few years Jeff Fisher has played this game more like any other preseason game and used the fourth one for that.  I think this will be the year that the starters come out after halftime, and we will see a lot of the starters not even play next week.

With that in mind, this is the most important preseason game the Titans have played to this point.  As good as we all think this team is going to be, there are still some things that the Titans haven't accomplished this preseason that they need to tomorrow night in Cleveland.

Get the running game on track

Let me say again that I am not worried about the running game because the offensive line has been healthy and it is the preseason, but it will make me and everyone else breath a little more easily if Chris Johnson could have a solid performance tomorrow night.  It looks like there is a decent shot that Mawae is going to play, so the Titans will have 4/5ths of their offensive line together for the first time since the Hall of Fame game.  No better time to get some things on track in the running game.

Get Mark Jones some return opportunities

Javon Ringer, the preseason MVP to this point, looked good returning kicks last week, but the Titans signed Jones because they feel he can have a similar impact to what Chris Carr did last season.  We haven't gotten to see Jones do anything because of the hamstring injury and tomorrow night may be his shot to make this roster.

Get some pressure from the defensive line

The defensive line let Tony "The Tool" Romo have all day to throw last week in Dallas, and he marched all over the field on them.  We all know the biggest question surrounding this team heading into this season from the national media, and it would be nice for them to take some steps toward answering that tomorrow night.

Get a chance to run a two-minute drill with the first team

You can never have too many chances to practice the two-minute drill, and I would be good if the Titans could get a shot to do it tomorrow night before the half.  It would also be a good chance to see Kenny Britt in that situation as the #2 receiver.  I don't know about you, but a two-minute offense with CJ, Britt and Jared Cook seems pretty exciting to me.

Those are four that come to mind for me.  Anyone have anything to add to the list, and please don't make this another "which punter should they keep thread."  Spoiler alert: The answer is Craig Hentrich.