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Nate Washington is Hurt But the World is Not Ending

I know that the easy thing to do this morning is talk how we are cursed at wide receiver, and trust me, I know all about curses.  But before we start talking about Yancey Thigpen, Carl Pickens and David Givens, let's keep a few things in mind:

First of all, we have no idea how serious the injury to Nate Washington is.  We know he is going to miss the rest of the preseason, but we are still a little more than two weeks from the opener in Pittsburgh.  It doesn't seem all that likely that he will be ready, but it is still way too early to rule him out.

Another thing to remember is that we aren't even sure what we have in Washington yet.  He has the speed to get down the field that this offense desperately needs, but he has never been the guy like the guys listed above.

Thirdly, we are better off in the playmaking department than we have been in years past.  I feel so much better with Justin Gage, Kenny Britt, and Jared Cook instead of Gage, Justin McSuckins and Bo Scaife, and that is not a knock on Scaife.  Cook is going to be a better playmaker than Scaife is, but Scaife is still a solid receiving option who is still on the roster.

Bottom line is even with Washington out for a period of time, the Titans are still better at receiver/tight end than they have been in a long, long time.  So the sky is not falling chicken little.

And, if all else fails, they could move Vince Young to wide receiver.  I kid..