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Dallas Cowboys 30 Tennessee Titans 10: A Statistical Review

Statistical breakdowns are usually hal's thing, but I will do the easier stuff and leave all that Football Outsiders rocket science to him (the man does go to Harvard, you know).  Watching last night's game, it was evident that the Cowboys dominated the Titans in pretty much every facet of the game, but when you go back and look at some of the numbers, it is actually even more ridiculous than it felt when watching it.

Example #1

The Cowboys ran 34 first down plays last night while the Titans ran just 18.  Of their 34 plays, 16 were passes and only 3 of those 16 were incomplete.  The Titans threw 11 times on first down and 7 were incomplete.  That=not good.

Example #2

The Titans average just 2.24 yards per carry on the ground.  I know I have been the leader of the "it's only preseason talk," but this is getting to be a little bit of a problem.  I understand that the Titans played last night without their starting center and right tackle, and that some of those carries were from Chris Henry who can't see holes, but the bread and butter of this offense is supposed to be running the ball.  I am not sure what the opposite of bread and butter is, but whatever it is that is what the Titans' running game has been so far in the preseason.

Example #3

The Cowboys averaged 9.69 yards per passing play on 3rd down.  I can promise you that anytime your defense gives up a number like that you are going to lose.

Here is how the teams broke down by play call and down:


1st Down

  • Rush- 7 plays 3.43 yards per play
  • Pass- 11 plays 3.18 yards per play (that is terrible)
2nd Down
  • Rush- 10 plays 3.6 yards per play
  • Pass- 5 plays 3.8 yards per play (yep, still terrible)
3rd Down
  • Rush- 1 play 1 yard per play
  • Pass- 10 plays 7.6 yards per play (that is actually not too bad)
The Titans went for it on 4th down once, and Patrick Ramsey threw an incomplete pass.


1st Down
  • Rush- 18 plays 3.89 yards per play
  • Pass- 16 plays 9.13 yards per play (that sets up a lot of 2nd and shorts)
2nd Down
  • Rush- 12 plays 3.75 yards per play
  • Pass- 8 plays 6.5 yards per play
3rd Down
  • Rush- 2 plays 3.5 yards per play
  • Pass- 13 plays 9.69 yards per play
The Cowboys went for it on 4th down twice and converted both times on the ground.

Don't look at these numbers for too long because they are scary.  Again, it is only preseason, but there is no doubt that this team has a lot of stuff to work on before they head to Pittsburgh.