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Tennessee Titans at Dallas Cowboys: 5 Questions with Cowboys Nation

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1. It seems to me the general feeling around T.O. is addition by subtraction. Is that how the Cowboys feel?

Jerry Jones and the Cowboys over the last several years have been the home for wayward football players. After the misery of a season that they had last year they took a very long, hard look at the make up of this team. The conclusion they arrived at was simply that they have enough talent to play well without dealing with the headaches! T.O. is an outstanding receiver and always has been, but he is also a guy who demands the ball A LOT! Owens' teammates, coaches, and fans of the team were growing very tired of his act. He likes to portray his release from Dallas as "shocking" and "unexpected", but in all reality only an egomaniac could not have seen that coming, even I knew that was coming, and I am in no way affiliated with the Cowboys.

2. Now that T.O. is gone, is Roy Williams ready to step up and be a legit #1 receiver on a contending team?

First of all, he has already filled that roll before in Detroit (albeit on a crappy team). Secondly, he is an outstanding receiver, but he is a different type of #1. Roy has a special skill set; it is more on Jason Garrett and Tony Romo to put him in winnable situations. He is a big target, strong, fast, and can jump out of the gym. So it is my opinion that this team needs to use those skills to their advantage and create a game plan that features routes that can get him in favorable matchups. Roy and Romo have worked very hard together during this off season to get on the same page with one another, and I think we will see the fruits of that work this year.

3. Tony Romo obviously is a has the tools, but it seems to me he has too much other stuff going on in his life. How do Cowboys fans feel about him? Is he ready to lead your team to a title?


Everyone likes to make a big deal about the goings on of Romo and his personal life; I think it's all a bunch of crap! I mean he is the starting Quarterback of the Dallas Cowboys, of course he has the opportunity to date high profile women! If you had a chance to go home with anyone you wanted to wouldn't you? Tony Romo is the same hard working guy he has always been, the only difference is now he has a LOT of money and can date anyone he wants. Titles are not won by individuals, they are won by teams! Is this team ready? I really do not know but I think they have definitely made steps in the right direction.

4. Who is the player to watch in this game that we have never heard of?

First I would have to say Brandon Williams. He was one of two 4th round selections in this years draft and is slated to be Anthony Spencer's back up at OLB. Also you should keep an eye out for Victor Butler, the other 4th round selection slated to be DeMarcus Ware's back up. Both of these guys can really get after the quarterback, and if they can perform well then Wade Phillips has a whole lot more he can do with this defense.

5. Tell us about this palace that Jerry Jones has built down there.

All I can say is WOW! I have been all over this country and been to a lot of stadiums, but I have never seen anything like this! It has all the amenities, for players and fans alike. I really do not think there is a bad seat in the place, but if there is, the worlds largest jumbo-tron will keep you involved. I think it is definitely a stadium that everyone should see!

DCN was also nice enough to include this in the questions he sent to me:

Bonus: All of us here at Dallas Cowboys Nation would like to send our thoughts and prayers to the McNair family and the Tennessee Titans and all of their fans for the loss of Steve McNair.

Be sure and head over there to see the questions he asked me with my answers.

We will have another 5 questions tomorrow with Blogging The Boys.