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MCM Fantasy Football Games


Last season we did a picks contest here at MCM that I (kinda) manually scored.  That was an overwhelming task that I ultimately gave up on because of how many people we had picking each week.  This season I have decided that we will take that contest to Yahoo! and let them score it for us.  In edition to the picks contest, I have also started a survival football league (pick a team to win each week, if they win you move on, if they lose you are out), college football picks contest and a salary cap NFL fantasy league.  Click through the jump for the league IDs and passwords for each league.  Please sign up for them because the more people that play each week the more fun it will be.

Also, if you did not get an invitation to the 1st MCM Fantasy league and are still interested in playing, please email me at the address that is linked at the bottom of the site.  I will be putting the other league(s) together this weekend.

The password for all leagues is gotitans.

NFL Picks- ID #19025

NFL Survival- ID #7115

College Picks- ID #8999

NFL Salary Cap- ID #2960