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Titans 27 Buccaneers 20: Open Game Thread Roll Call

The numbers in the open game thread were a down from last week.  I am assuming that was because this was not a nationally televised game.  Hopefully they will be up again this week. 

Click through the jump to see the stats.

Roll Call: vancouverTITAN, smashville, SouthTexasTitan, BonzosMontreaux, T the D, Jimmy, DannoE, titansfan615, August West, GingerSnapsTN, theologic, jtc2086, RhiNo6705, Air McNair 9, Ilove9and53, Hook em Titans, Apeman3289, SuperHorn, zackmann, VYplsdntsuk, zero defects, Oden1, jasonkylebates, BigTitanFan, DoofusOfErasmus

Total Users: 25
Total Posts: 155
Total Threads: 1

Name # of Posts
titansfan615 21
theologic 19
SouthTexasTitan 13
Jimmy 11
zero defects 11
DannoE 10
vancouverTITAN 9
RhiNo6705 8
Hook em Titans 7
Apeman3289 7
T the D 6
jasonkylebates 6
zackmann 4
jtc2086 4
GingerSnapsTN 4
Air McNair 9 3
smashville 2
SuperHorn 2
BonzosMontreaux 2
BigTitanFan 1
DoofusOfErasmus 1
Oden1 1
VYplsdntsuk 1
Ilove9and53 1
August West 1