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Tennessee Titans 27 Tampa Bay Buccaneers 20 Recap: All Aboard the Kenny Britt Train

Did anyone else think Chuck Cecil was about to run out on the field and show Ed Hochuli what an unnecessary roughness penalty looked like?  That call against Kevin Vickerson was absolute crap.  

We will start with the good news from the starters: The first team defense has looked great for two straight weeks.  They are flying all over the place and making plays.  It is waaaay to early to declare that the loss of Albert Haynesworth isn't that big of a deal, but this unit is well on their way to being just as good as they were last season.

The bad from tonight was the first team offense.  We did not see any of the sharpness from the passing game that we saw last week.  Kerry Collins underthrew a deep ball to Nate Washington in the end zone and had another fluky interception.

The first team line was not able to open any holes for Chris Johnson tonight.  They finally got on track at the end of their time on the field last season but weren't able to do that tonight.  I am not overly concerned about that though because it is still really, really early, but it would be nice to see them get on track next week.

Some love for VY after the jump.

Vince Young came back from his poor outing last week and looked solid.  He just looked like he was feeling good in the pocket.  I didn't see the happy feet that I saw last week.  VY made a nice decision on a screen pass that was blown up to throw the ball away, tucked the ball and ran when it was there, and kept the play alive on the TD strike to Kenny Britt.  That is the VY we saw his rookie season.

Speaking of Britt, he was very impressive tonight.  It is always good to see a receiver take a big hit and hang on to the ball.  Hopefully he will continue to shine in this preseason and prove to the coaching staff he deserves to be on the field.

A few additional random thoughts:


  • Jevon Kearse was wreaking some havoc tonight.  That was good to see.
  • William Hayes and Dave Ball also spent a lot of time in the backfield.  The Titans have a deep group of defensive lineman.
  • Did I mention the call on Vickerson was crap?
  • Jared Cook is going to be a stud.
  • Cory Curtis got way to excited about the TD pass to Britt.
  • I like Javon Ringer.
  • Ryan Mouton is not the answer in the return game, but the pick 6 was awesome.
  • You gotta love seeing 3 touchdowns put up by rookies!
  • The Bucs have a guy named Stylez White on their roster.
Overall it was another fun night of Titans football.  While the first team offense didn't look as good as they did last week, the first team defense was impressive again and the back end of the roster was impressive.  You cannot ask for much more from a preseason game.