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Tennessee Titans Training Camp Report: August 11th

The Titans were back out on the practice field today in shoulder pads and shorts.  I hate to stoke the Vince Young fire any further, but there's really no way to talk about today's practice without doing so.  But you're going to have to read to the end for the juicy stuff.  Thoughts after the jump.

  • Welcome back, welcome back, welcome back!  LB Rocky Boiman made his return to Nashville in camp today, replacing QB Alex Mortensen on the roster.  Mortensen never really had a shot to make this team (or any team from what I saw), so it was really just  a matter of time for him.  At least he got to throw a TD pass before we let him go...oh wait that was to the wrong team.
  • Jared Cook and Kenny Britt made several nice catches each.  Watching today, you had to love the way the two rookies looked out there.
  • Vince Young did not look good today throwing the ball.  On multiple occasions his passes were well behind the intended receiver.  On one of those, Nate Washington was only able to get a finger tip on the ball, and it would have been better if he hadn't.  The ball deflected right into CB Cary Williams hands for an INT.  Then during the final hurry up drill, he threw a terrible pass down the sideline that free agent signee CB DeMarcus Faggins picked off.
  • During 11 on 11 drills, Kyle Vanden Bosch pushed a lineman so far into the backfield that QB Patrick Ramsey's pass went off the back of his helmet and was picked off by rookie Ryan Mouton.
  • There was a nice all-Texas moment when Vince Young threw a pass to a heavily covered Bo ScaifeMichael Griffin was all over Scaife, but Vince threw the ball low and to the outside where only Scaife could get to it and Bo made a great diving catch.
  • During punt formation practice, the entire starting secondary made appearances on the coverage team, including Pro-Bowl safety Michael Griffin, who split reps catching punts with Tanard Davis.  With  return specialist Mark Jones still unable to practice, you would think they would give those reps to one of the wide receivers who is on the bubble as far as making the 53 man roster.  I have a really hard time believing that they are seriously considering Griffin as a punt returner, given his incredible value in the secondary.
  • During the half line pass rushing drills, several guys who are currently near the bottom of the depth chart (no shame shame in that around Baptist Sports Park) stood out.  Defensive end Larry Birdine and rookie defensive tackle Sen'Derrick Marks looked great.  Both guys bring a nice mix of speed and strength to the table.  Marks especially looked good.  He possess quickness that you seldom find in a guy his size.  Defensive tackle Tony Brown also looked to be on the top of his game.
  • Jason Jones was in a walking boot today.  The word is that he sprained his foot in the Hall of Fame game, but that it isn't too serious.  Other players missing practice included LB Steven Tulloch, TE Alge Crumpler, and WR Chris Davis. 
  • At the end of practice, Coach Fisher put the team through some sprints.  For reasons unknown to me, Kenny Britt had to start it with a 50 yard suicide run, touching each 5 yard line.  Then Fisher went down the roster and had guys pay for the excessive penalties that happened during the second half against Buffalo.
  • And now the part everyone has been waiting for: The Option.  The version they were running today had Vince lined up in shotgun.  The first string version usually included Chris Johnson lined up to one side of Vince with Nate Washington motioning out of the slot into the backfield on Vince's other side.  Vince looked quite comfortable, though he did botch one pitch.  It looks like they have more than just a simple option in mind, as they ran one look that included a reverse to Washington.  They did not show any passing looks.