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My Trip to the Steve McNair Memorial at L.P. Field


I had the chance to get out to L.P. Field today to see the memorial they had set up for former Tennessee Titans quarterback Steve McNair.  There seemed to be about 100 people there for the whole 45 minutes I was there.  That was a pretty good number considering it was in the middle of the day, and that number includes people that were coming and going the whole time.  I heard they started the day with just one book sitting out for fans to write notes to McNair's family.  When I was there they had 3 books sitting out, and I heard on the radio around 5 that they had moved up to 8 books in order to keep the line moving at a reasonable speed.  I think after they have another full day tomorrow, they will be able to hand the McNair family quite a few books that are filled with good thoughts.  

They had an awesome collage with over 100 pictures from McNair's time with the Titans and a video playing inside the stadium on the jumbotron with highlights from McNair's career.  It was a pretty neat experience.  

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